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I haven't yet been able to identify the date of the above issue of Princess Tina Comic.A copy of the Evening Standard (or, as Eric Morcambe called it , the Eeeeenin Stannit), from the 1970 film The Insomniac.

Although it was really a comic more than a magazine, I can't resist posting this one from Dr.Any idea of the date of the paper, as the front page headline is clearly visible.John Peters (Jeremy Austin) can be seen reading an issue of Beano Comic, in the very first episode of the classic children's TV series Worzel Gummidge - I looked at the episode on Video, but was unable to identify the date of the Beano Comic, which John Peters was reading, I looked on You Tube, but couldn't find the first episode of Worzel Gummidge, I have yet to buy Worzel Gummidge, on DVD, always been put off (buying Worzel on DVD) by the following review on Amazon - Obscured behind this comic is future East Enders legend Michael Cashman, with the uncredited Shelley Crowhurst as his sister, in the 1st production episode of Gideon's Way, The Tin God (1964).I can only recall Albert Finney reading The Thin Man in that film.Dave Wright posted a capture of John Junkin reading Son of MAD at 'Books in Films' not long ago. He also spotted four magazines, including the April 1964 edition of Men Only Wilfrid Brambell is looking at, while Paul Mc Cartney has the 14th March 1964 Daily Express, featuring the sadly-late Barbara Murray outside the Divorce Court (following the break-up of her marriage to John Justin): A screencap from the CFF Film A Ghost of a Chance (1968), featuring Jane (Cheryl Vidgen) reading an issue of Princess Tina Comic.

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