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Up to then, did we just view stalking as more like a nuisance as opposed to anything else?

" Moriarty asked Deputy District Attorney Wendy Segall."It had not reached that level where a young woman had been murdered.

while her brother, Marcus, sat just a few feet away from her … Eyewitnesses would later tell the detective he didn't utter a word. When it was his turn he just started shooting Christina," said Det. And this guy backed up against a wall and shot himself in the head" Moreschi continued. And I was like, 'this girl is really good,'" Tyler Ward said. ""Millions and millions and millions of people," said Ward."What was it about Christina Grimmie that drew people? There was something about Christina that connected with people because it told people watching, 'I might be able to do what she's doing.

Moreschi."The very first shot-- struck Christina in the head, the gunpowder burnt the side of her head. She was shot once in the head and twice in the torso.""Marcus Grimmie … "He was dead on the scene.""She had no clue that this man was stalking her over the internet who was coming here tonight or that she was in any danger at all," the detective explained. She's just a normal girl in a small town doin' life, and people are noticing.' And it gave 'em hope," Ward explained.

Singing sensation Christina Grimmie died the way she lived-- with open arms, embracing her fans."She was really great with her fans, every single one of them.

She would never turn somebody away," said Tyler Ward. But I never heard of like someone who's so infatuated with someone," Bria Kelly said," that they feel the need to end their life."Christina's friends are haunted by the idea that a stalker, who seemed to admire the singer, shot and killed her."She had a stalker in the sense of the modern age that we live in, of celebrities having to put themselves out on social media … She was very accessible-- to her fans."Clinical Police and Forensic Psychologist Kris Mohandie has spent decades studying the minds of stalkers."The internet fed what we call -- erotomania," Mohandie explained.

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"Everyone had been freaking out that Christina was on … Because they thought that she was already famous," Kelly explained. But as Christina was taking off, a young man in Florida, Kevin Loibl, was becoming obsessed. "That included getting hair plugs, having Lasik eye surgery -- losing weight. There was a co-starring role in a movie, "The Matchbreaker," high-profile tours, and an album in the works.

He showed up at an Orlando, Fla., concert armed with two handguns.

Grimmie's death "should be a huge wake-up call," says Perrette, who has been stalked for more than a decade.

El ejercicio con pesas, ya sea de tonificación o de hipertrofia tiene una serie de beneficios que muchas veces pasamos por alto y posiblemente no los conozcamos.

Para realizar un correcto ejercicio y para trabajar el músculo de una forma correcta debemos de saber como afecta este tipo de ejercicio a nuestro cuerpo.

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