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– to dinner at La Cholita, followed by drinks at Mechanics. My guy friends complained about girls they suspected were robots who came on aggressively sexual, while some guys are flat-out weird (“If we ran toward each other really fast and hit heads, who do you think would die first? I thought it seemed interesting, a different way of meeting girls.

I’d been using it for about three months before I saw Kortnie’s profile.

There were some people from overseas or interstate who complained the Perth dating scene was challenging – “It’s so cliquey!

” – plus a couple of guys who sheepishly admitted to being ‘extras’, called in by the owners when the male attendees looked scant.

Sharon I was married previously for fourteen years, and had split up about a year before.

Her photos really didn’t do her justice – she was gorgeous.But everyone was friendly and the last-resort question cards remained largely face down.Two of my girlfriends ended up hitting it off with the two guys I brought, and went on a double date to The Classroom the following week.Owner Gavin Bellinger told me that for a pop, you’d receive a drink, some nibbles and the chance to meet the love of your life. Heading down with six (surprisingly keen) pals, I didn’t know what to expect, but the vibe was chill.Ladies took a seat and the guys, like overgrown pre-schoolers playing musical chairs, shuffled around them.

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