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Luv Cha in pyo & Miran & the young couple HW & LSY(?

) all of you deserved a nice trip outside SK as they usually do when your drama reached a high rating! What i love abt this drama is the chemistry among the actors are excellent.the couples(sun nyeo & sam do rocks! I love the fact that there no evil villains here...

You both deserved to have good & happy partners in life!

Fans like me were really rooting for you to be real couple & our prayers have been answered!

My weekends are definitely not the same without it. Every couple has their own love story and that's what makes this drama worth watching.

I will especially miss Min Hyo Won's mum's dramatics. There is no over dramatic problem, yet it has best-written characters. They have their own version point of views and it makes them different.

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Also, it was interesting to watch some of the difference in culture in SK, given that I'm from Canada and rarely watch anything like this before.

It was recently featured on our OMNI network broadcast here earlier in the year, must have gotten picked up from the high ratings in SK as mentioned in these posts.

Warm regards from a viewer in Canada, Pierson I've watched three of this writers work and they are some of my favorites. In many ways this was your standard family Kdrama, with its emphasis on family relationships, family values.

God bless all for giving us excellent entertainment! there are those who are "bad" but in the end, they alk turned over a new the arrogant and spoilt hyo sang(HAH!!

) suddenly turned into such a docile little lamb under sam do's constant so cute when he told his wife that he loves sewing nowadays(ji yeon's face is priceless) ..

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