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This helps combat that.” While Liz believes in the MBTI, others are more skeptical — though they still use it.

“The internet is just saturated with these personality quizzes and you do have to wonder why this one has more authority,” says Landry*, an ENTP on OKCupid.

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This guy was really looking for someone he jammed with, and we were jamming. — when he declined my invitation to a concert a few days later.“I personally have thought about swapping out my MBTI type to mention that an online ‘Which Parks and Recreation Character Are You’ quiz told me I’m Li’l Sebastian, just to see what happens.” I’m inclined to agree with Landry — I’ll admit that, post-Ken, I’m just as apt to discount someone for their Myers-Briggs score as I am for their results on a “What Kind of Condiment Are You? (I’m a garlic aioli, looking for a BBQ sauce, if that means anything at all.It doesn’t.) You can rationalize that maybe it’s a bit more justifiable, but in this context it’s just another broad stroke.“If you read the descriptions, some of the personalities are really awful.Me and my girlfriends don’t know anything about the personality of the person we are looking at.

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