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After a photo shoot with two hot male models, she knows her boyfriend isn't back in town until that night and she is not meant to live out any of her fantasies without him, but she just can't resist.

She contacts him to tell him exactly what she is about to do, and that she will leave her phone on so that he can hear her fullfil her every desire with these two guys.

Drinking alcohol and consuming cannabis, either individually or together, can have a DRASTICALLY different effect.

When it comes to relating these two substances, cannabis and alcohol, it can be quite easy to understand just how INCREDIBLY inappropriate it is to try and make a reasonable relation.

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It doesn't take much for the girls to become acquainted, and this leads the three of them taking it to the bedroom, where Kendra's boyfriend can watch this unbelievable trio enjoy every inch of each other.Activities • Do you want to enjoy California’s top rated 420-friendly classes and weed friendly activities?Then sign up for our exclusive, cannabis friendly arts and cooking classes - Puff, Pass & Paint, Puff, Pass & Pastry and Puff, Pass and Pottery and...The longest running and best rated 420 tour experience anywhere, with exclusive access to Medicine Man Denver’s epic grow facility and a live glass blowing...The original, first ever, cannabis-friendly art party!

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