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The same with the maple syrup: 2 tablespoons or 15 m L, which is only 1. :) Reply Oh I’ve eaten many things still partially frozen because I don’t have the patience to wait. Reply I’m sorry, I didn’t read the recipe or post so I don’t know what else about it is unsafe. You really nailed it, thank you for this lovely recipe!And I can definitely see that happening with this lovely bread! Reply I made a batch of this banana bread to bring with me during my camping/ hiking trip in Yosemite. I have been reading your blog for so long now and have many favorite recipes that come from you! I also wanted to let you know that I had your newest cookbook sitting on my kitchen counter (I am going to make the lentil soup today) and my 14 year old daughter walked past, stopped in her tracks, and rubbed her hand across the book cover commenting that it was the prettiest cookbook she had ever seen. Reply Hi Anne, What a lovely note to leave me…it totally made my day. My grandmother did the same thing with a coconut cake once. ) so out of the cake he only ate one slice and said it was good but too rich, chocolatey for his palet (no such things in my book 😊) I froze half the cake because geez I was 20 weeks pregnant at the time, no need to give my little boy an immense sugar high at the time!! I have been craving banana bread (really any kind of sweet bread) for a couple of weeks now and have been scouring the internet and my cookbooks for a good one. I’m predicting this will be my breakfast all this weekend and next week, if it lasts that long! come to find out he isn’t a big fan of chocolate (these are things you should find out before hand- I know!i’ve had wonderful success (wayyy better commercial gluten free) with the flowing mix: for the 40% grain flour, i used 150g buckwheat, 100g corn flour/starch, 100g besan/chickpea flour, 50g coconut flour (or almond meal).Totaling 400g for the 60% starch flour, i used 350g rice flour, 150g sticky/sweet/glutinous rice flour, 100g arrowroot/tapioca/potato flour/starch. Combine all in an airtight container (1kg) and mix well to combine.If you decide to experiment, please let us know how it goes! Reply I have the OSG app, and made this banana bread recently since I had leftover ripe bananas. Tasted great with a little bit of vegan butter melted on top. And this recipe looks so simple, I think I have all the ingredients at home.;) Thank you for the recipe and the really amusing and entertaining post.

We put toasted coconut on top of one of the loaves…extra delicious!Yes, I put the coconut on before I baked it, and it did not burn at all. I’ve made this recipe three times now, and it’s consistently awesome!Reply Hi there, do you think rice flour could be used?You’ll need to add something for stretch though (flax, xanthan, agar, etc).I have a corn, dairy, soy intolerant wee-one too that made breastfeeding a challenge, but for sure worth it! Reply Hey Nathalie, I haven’t yet found a combination of gluten-free flours that I really love for this recipe, so I’m not sure what to recommend.

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