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Shawnda is so worried about her children's safety that she uses extreme forms of punishment to keep her 16-year-old son Kyrie away from guns by hitting him with knives.While she was interviewed there was a shooting just metres away from her house and they had to go inside.'This zip code is like Mecca for shooting and violence,' she said. Guard Jeff Butler had heard enough that chaotic night, one like so many other nights at the trouble-plagued Lincoln Hills School for Boys.Before driving himself to the hospital, the four-year Lincoln Hills veteran sat in his truck and cried, prison records show.For years, officials knew or should have known about the thicket of problems at Lincoln Hills and its sister facility on the same campus, Copper Lake School for Girls.“It all went on in plain view of the Department of Corrections, but nobody at the Department of Corrections knew how juvenile corrections worked or how Lincoln Hills operated or what was going on," said Troy Bauch, who until recently was the union representative for workers there.“Nobody cared.”The sweeping criminal probe, now nearly 2 years old, is examining allegations of prisoner abuse, child neglect, sexual assault, intimidation of witnesses and victims, strangulation and tampering with public records.A separate internal investigation uncovered four incidents where inmates' bones were broken.

Shawnda said: 'Because we live where we live I kind of sleep always ready. Shes the one I trust in anything because this is what the police use.'Her guns have safety locks but are always fully loaded so she's never not ready to defend herself, because 'that's how you die'.A person is five times more likely to be the victim of a violent crime in Milwaukee than in the rest of the state of Wisconsin.Residents are more likely to be the victim of a violent crime in Milwaukee than in 96% of the country.A gun war is raging in an American city that locals describe as a 'Mecca for violence' due to its daily homicides.Louis Theroux meets the residents of north Milwaukee, Wisconsin in his new film to shed some light on why the city has one of the highest violent crime rates in the whole of the US.

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