Marshall jcm 800 serial number dating

For what it's worth I think the whole JCM 800 line of amps are pretty hard to beat for blues and rock.I have the JCM 800 2x12 100watt 4211 (combo version of the 2210 head) It has a very useble Clean channel especially if you keep the channel volume down and use the master.But it does have issues...can't set up a good clean and dirty simultaneously, and there is something weird in the fx loop that causes too much gain when i run my echoplex there.

The most flexible and high gain Marshall combo is the 6101 Anniversary (the blue one) but it's shackled by a rather delicate midi-based switching system so it's not quite as durable as the JCM800.

It was the 20th Anniversary edition, produced in 82 I believe.

For hard rock I think the JCM800 is a very cool amp.

The stock setup is the single footswitch that lets you turn the lead gain on/off.

I had a tech change mine to a dual footswitch so I can use one switch to change from clean/rhythm, and the other to switch the lead gain on/off. I don't use the loop much, I've just started fooling around with my old ADA MP-1 plugged just into the return of the loop, but I usually dont' put my pedalboard though the loop, although the popular opinion is that delays work best though loops.

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