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This period consists mainly of Jain religious literature.The most famous poet from this period is Adikavi Pampa (902-975 CE), one of the most famous writers in the Kannada language.However, the first available book in Kannada is the Kavirajamarga, written in 850 CE by King Amoghavarsha I Nrupatunga.The book is a treatise of sorts on Kannada poetry, Kannada language and Kannada speaking people (Kannadigas) in general.Kannada literature includes early writing dating from 2000 years ago to modern literature.The first example of full length Kannada writing can be found in the Halmidi inscription, dated c. There is an abundance of inscriptions with partial Kannada writing prior to 450 CE.A famous Jaina writer of the same period is Janna, who expressed Jain religious teachings through his works, Yashodhara Charite and Ananthanatha Purana.

This form of poetry, called vachanas, were three liners which were pithy comments on that period's social, religious and economic conditions.

His Vikramarjuna Vijaya (also called pampa bharatha)is hailed as a classic even to this day.

With this and his other important work Adipurana he set a trend of poetic excellence for the Kannada poets of the future.

The famous Badami cliff and Mahakuta Pillar inscriptions from the sixth century, provide more examples of early Kannada writing.

The earliest extant record of Kannada poetry in Tripadi metre are the Kappe Arabhatta record of 700 CE[1].

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