Live cam bothway

More decent is H264Web Cam also works with the Foscam FI8908W (selecting BSTI PT100V2W), excepted for the Pan & Tilt function. It offers motion detection of pre-selected zones, FTP/email alert, recording, and some access control. For the Pan & Tilt to work, the Camera brand selected shouldn't be BSTI, but either Shenzen, or Netwave.

This software seems the most capable to me, although it can be slow at times. Their pricing options are: Basic edition for up to 2 cameras at 49$, and pro edition with unlimited cameras for...199$!

The Illum has a remarkable lens, a big, hefty body, and lots of manual controls. That you can look at from a number of different perspectives, or view in 3D.

Photos that start to answer Lytro’s fundamental question: what becomes possible when we don’t have to print pictures anymore?

I’m more convinced than ever that light-field photography is the next step in how we take, share, and view pictures, and that it’s going to be a big one.

Which, by the way, froze and crashed repeatedly, and at one point completely lost its library and just booted up blank.Lytro offers "animations," which let you walk through certain transformations — a focus shift here, a perspective move there, zoom in — and then export the finished process as a movie.It’s like the Ken Burns effect to infinity, manipulating the most manipulable photos ever.I’d take just the right picture at just the right moment, and I’d suddenly have it captured in a way that felt more real, more alive than anything else I could’ve done.For every one of those moments, though, there were three or four moments where I felt like I missed it: I didn’t get the shot right in time, or it didn’t have the right composition or light.

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