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We also 'did it' with Leo Ford for free, and it was Incredible!

We 'did it' with cole carpetner for free and it was also wonderful/We blew a str8 porno man for free with a huge piece but we forgot his name.

It has been a number of years but here goes: Tino Lopez - a great experience about 8 years ago, and one that I still repeat about once or twice a year whenever he comes to NYC. Enrico Vega - most amazing sex machine EVER - but he kept wanting to bareback, lives on the UWS of Manhattan and now does bareback films, he looks rather sad. Very interesting evening: the guy is dumb as a rock, his fingers and toes are covered in some type of fungus, stunk of cheap cologne, he talked non stop about being a "super star," showed off his self-sucking skills, arrogant and tacky (each finger had a cheap ring on it.) He was the last person to leave. The sadness stemmed from a level of arrogance, ignorance and a need to try to impress strangers.

OP, if ever there was a thread to name names, this is the one. I've had sex with several porn stars,and they have been anything but disappointing. The only actually good time was with Ty Hudson, who was genuinely enthusiastic, attentive, turned-on, and lovable. What he did not realize was that in LA, porn stars and hustlers are a dime a dozen -- more novelties than celebrities.

Had Kip off the original Kipcam - or Austin Reeve as he was in porn. Did him a few times before he vanished Also had a hot time in Rick and Jeremy of's hot tub and sling. He was incredibly nice and sweet, he also wanted to cuddle at one point. He said he's versatile (as opposed to a top in his movies) in real life and wanted to flip-fuck with me. I was considering leaving up until he offered me some fruit to eat and I agreed.

Even though he's Brazilian, he barely speaks any portuguese. I wasn't sure, so when we fist kissed, I was sure the smell was of cum.

That's how I always imagined him.[quote]I'm glad you described him as sweet, r17. He was a gentle Southern boy, born in Texas, as I recall. I barely finished eating the weird cum smelling fruit and then discreetly suggested we both chew gum. And while the hook up was hot and we both agreed to meet again (and fuck each other), it sadly turned into one of those things where we never saw each other again. I knew he lived in Vegas and I always found him very hot, he seems to have a sense of humor in his sex scenes. (And is that ever a turn-off.)Years ago with Casey Donovan - he was amazingly sweet and the hottest sex I ever had.

After the show, we'ld go back in the backroom and suck and fuck.

Pierce daniels wanted to 'do it' for free with us but we declined.

Casey Donovan - in the early 80's very sweet and a total pig who would do anything. Joey Stefano - a little too drugged when I did him. Damon Dogg - met him on the street and went to his hotel, I wanted a BJ but he wanted me to fuck him. ALSO -- Yes I know I'm a whore and I am Poz, healthy and I always disclose.

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