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However, in October 2011, shift in theme and focus with the introduction of the Sisterhood.

The comic quickly ditched almost every aspect of its old nature and turned toward a radical brand of second-wave feminism.

is a webcomic by Tatsuya Ishida, an outgrowth of a strip he originally created for the UCLA college newspaper.In addition to the humor based on the cast's foibles, it routinely played with Black Comedy scenarios, drug- and sexually-themed humor, and featured subversive pokes at the nature of religion and morality, among other topics and Running Gags.Slick and Monique's odd friendship/rivalry/something was the foundation of the comic and focus never strayed from it for long, but after a few years, other storylines became prominent, such as Criminy's chaste romance with one of the Devil's succubi, the Devil becoming a more serious antagonist, and revelations about Li'l Evil's backstory, as well as politically-themed gags and overall development for many characters.The developers of this site create fake spam profiles to make it seem like there are more users on it than there is.The spam profiles constantly try to hack into your App Store account.

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