Early recovery and dating

Keep this in mind as you dive into the seas of dating in sobriety.So you’ve roped together a few days or weeks of sobriety and you are starting to feel human again.There are many exciting parts in the beginning of a relationship.For someone in recovery, that can lead to missed meetings, missed calls to your sponsor, and slacking on participation in your daily program.Honesty from the beginning will help build the foundation for a lasting relationship.Although the idea of dating people with a past history of drug and alcohol use can be a turnoff for some, it won’t be for everyone.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten a sponsor and started working your steps.There are many sponsors in 12-step programs who will suggest that once you make that list, you aim to achieve many of those qualities yourself, then you naturally attract people who have those qualities.If you’ve heard the old saying “water seeks its own level” this is what that speaks to.Just remember, it is impossible to love others if you don’t love yourself.If the relationship you have with yourself is healthy, it leads to genuine, lasting relationships with others.

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