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That’s kind of what the Internet feels like to me now.

FANG: How did you coordinate all the on-line chat sessions that appear on screen?

That feeling of violation when you discover you’ve been had is universal, though fortunately, it’s only your computer that dies in the real world.

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Our producer, Raimund Huber, had seen it at Cannes or somewhere, and he bought the rights and went looking for somebody to make the film with him.In his three-plus-decade career as a producer, writer and occasional director, Joel Soisson has wrangled everything from an angelic Christopher Walken to man-eating fish.This Friday, August 22, he explores the dark side of the Internet as scripter and helmer of CAM2CAM, which IFC Films releases on VOD and in select theaters under its IFC Midnight banner.He met me through a guy named Aki Komine, with whom I had done about 10 films in the ‘90s and the early ’00s, so the three of us hooked up and decided to make the feature, and I wrote the screenplay.FANG: Is the film’s story of Internet-spawned danger intended to be a kind of cautionary tale, or is it just intended as pure entertainment?

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