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The citruses are accompanied by a note of copra, the white inner flesh of the coconut.

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So this was amazing longevity for me, Aventus doesn't last this long on me, so I was very happy. Really intense lime opening for 5-10 mins, then turns into the most beautiful summer beach scent I've ever smelt. After a sweet winter of having my main scent Tobacco Vanille from Tom Ford, I was looking for something more exotic for the summer. A really enjoyable perfume to wear for more casual affairs.However, I got the chance to try it again and I am now in love with it..I own Aventus and have smelled SMW, GIT, OS, Viking and Erolfa.Out of all of those fragrances, despite loving aventus, this smells the most true to life realistic and incredibly high quality.Depending on the batch, either the lime or the coconut is the prominent note, along with rum, a sweet sugary vibe, and a little bit of ginger..

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